What's What?

Before proceeding down to the options,please take a moment and refer to the diagram below to familiarize yourself with the board!


Your first step is to decide on a round or octagonal board.

Some people claim to have more consistent shots with the round board because

the distance from the rail to the shooting zone is evenly spaced all the way

around the board.

Personally, I don't have issues with either and I would choose the look I like best!


Here are some examples of deck styles and you are not limited to what's

shown below. If you have anything else in mind, I'd be happy to male it happen!


Here you will choose stain colors for your deck, gutter, rails

and painted or engraved lines.

If you choose to have scoring numbers or any other text or

graphics on your board, now is the time to decide.

I struggled with the thought of including a stain color chart, as

colors can drastically differ from monitor to monitor and

from different wood species.

The chart below is only to be used as a guide and precise color

matching is not to be expected.

To get a better idea of how these colors look on a board,

please visit the Gallery!



Anodized 6061 aluminum bumpers with surgical

rubber sleeves adding a touch of class, drastically changing the overall look of the game.

The bumpers are fastened to the board

with nuts on the bottom side.and are available in

Brass, Copper Gold, Red and Black.

Standard bumper is shown on the left.

This upgrade is $3 per bumper. ($24CAD)

A Few Examples...

Example of a rustic, weather beaten round Solocraft board with scoring numbers.

Don't let the look of this board fool you, it plays extremely well and is very fast!

This board measures 30.75" from outer rail to outer rail.

Solocraft board with a Tree of Life decal using seedlings for 2 or 4 player boundary markers and single leaves used for 3 player boundary markers.

This board measures 30.75" from outer rail to outer rail.

Here is a blonde octagonal Solocraft Board.

This board had a clear deck and rails with an ebony stained gutter. It is simple, clean and plays extremely well!

This board measures 31.5" from outer rail to outer rail.

This board was custom built for my new friend and lifelong hero Bret "Hitman" Hart.

Bret and his family are truly

the most amazing and down to earth people I've had the pleasure of meeting...an honor indeed!

This board measures 31.5" from outer rail to outer rail.

Solocraft now offers laser engraving for the ultimate in detail and freedom of expression!

Laser engraved crokinole board
For orders or questions,
Call or Text: 1-403-615-5945
Email: solocraftcanada@outlook.com
Calgary, Alberta, Canada